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Real estate services

The main activity of the Slaks company is to work in real estate industry, focused on the sale, rent and purchase - including homes, apartments, landed properties, development projects. We can also offer you a constructing on a turn-key basis.

Our company also deals with in detail the commercial real estate sphere. We are always looking for suitable investment projects that meet all the requirements of our clients. We also provide advice on future investments, and try best to fulfill all our customers´ wishes.

Our company offers you the following services:

  • Real estate appraisal
  • Free consulting and consulting in the real estate market structure, market prices and trends of their changes
  • Conclusion of the contract of sale and submission of required documents to the state Institutions
  • Investment consulting and strategies
  • Legal services
  • Translation of documents from the Czech language
  • Construction and repair on a turn-key basis
  • The full catalog of construction works
  • Assistance with the financing and management of real estate

It is in our power to provide you with assistance with obtaining appropriate financing by you of the selected objects through banking institutions, under the jurisdiction of the Czech Republic, whether in the form of mortgage lending, savings funds or other forms of loans and financial services.

In case of your interest, we can carry out full insurance of your property. The choice of the most suitable insurance is entirely yours.

Our services to foreign legal entities

Slaks company for many years cooperates with foreign partners, who have always supported us, who positively evaluate our work and recommend our services to new clients.

Our main strategy is to maintain good and close relations not only in the implementation of common goals, but also after they have been achieved.

Slaks Company can provide you a "full service", in connection with which we have won the full trust of foreign partners. We are ready to provide you with a full range of construction works, including projects and repairs on a turn-key basis.

We are also ready to provide support after the sale - purchase of real estate, connected with the management and maintenance of facilities. You can always contact us with any questions by taking an advantage of our free consultation.

Thanks to the rich experience of Slaks Company in the real estate industry, many foreign entities have invested their capital not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad.

We are one of the few companies that can help you in the implementation and legalization of business in the Czech Republic, including the possibility of an investment stay in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic and the EU.

Developer projects

Since the establishment of Slaks Company, our knowledge and experience have grown significantly and surpassed the usual activities in real estate. As we constantly get valuable experience and knowledge - self improveming, we did not stop at the sale, lease or manage real estate, on the other hand, with the growing demand and competition in the real estate market, we have decided to be engaged in large projects.

At the beginning we were focused on a reconstruction and repair of residentials, including houses, but after a while we realized that we are something more than just a company that deals only with buying / selling / or renovating real estate facilities. We have decided to conquer new horizons.

We have gained valuable experience in the construction of public institutions, as well as in the reconstruction / construction of medical facilities.

Currently, we are ready to work on a complex investment projects on a turn-key basis. Our company is also working on creating their own development projects.

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